Image credit: Ben Lovejoy

Illus: Beatrix Hatcher

I have always loved creating stories, but I never felt confident at English during school. I studied Mathematics at university and got a city job in finance. A few years later my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

I decided life was too short not to do what you loved, so I did a Masters in English Literature with Creative Writing and wrote my first novel. Five years later, when I had a child of my own, I fell back in love with children’s books. I took Amy’s Writing Magazine course and developed my skills to write rhyming picture books.

On my last assignment, I submitted I am NOT a Prince and Amy loved it. It was perfect timing as literary agent Alice Williams had shown interest in my stories. I sent it to Alice, and she offered to represent me. Three weeks later, Hachette acquired the book, and I was paired with debut illustrator Beatrix Hatcher. It was a dream come true!

My debut picture book is an inclusive twisted fairy tale that challenges gender stereotypes and encourages children to be proud to be themselves.

On a misty lagoon in a fairy tale land, young frogs wait patiently to be turned into magical princes. When Hopp sets out on a journey to find their true self, everyone assumes the little frog is destined to be a prince . . . how could such a strong, brave, and kind frog be anything else?

But all it takes is one understanding new friend to help Hopp undergo a magical transformation that causes a positive change to ripple all across the lagoon!

You can buy the book at links below, or get a signed hardback version from indie bookshop Stories by the Sea.




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