I’m creating opportunities for critique groups (or writing friends) to help you gain the most but pay the least. By learning alongside writing friends you trust, GroupCoach gives you an opportunity to learn from each other as well as from me, at a fraction of the cost of 1:1 coaching.

I like to work on an individual group-by-group basis rather than dictating how group coaching should work, so I’m very up for what works for you as a group personally. Please do get in touch if you have ideas, whether this is a workshop on a certain topic, or monthly meet-ups, or anything else!

Please note that while there will inevitably be an element of personal preference and subjectivity, I try to provide objective feedback.

The price is per session, so split it between however many group members come on board!

Individual 1:1 coaching is also available if you prefer.

Suggested packages (all flexible, so please contact for any specific requirements):

Option A: 60 minutes freestyle group coaching – £60

Ask questions, pick my brains, bring problems, find solutions, create plans – whatever you want in an hour, in the company of your writing friends.

Option B: 60-90 minutes session giving story feedback to each member – £80-120 (to include reading time and preparation)

Duration depends on the number of participants. Suggested approx. 15 minutes per person/story. Beforehand, send in a story you’re stuck on, or a work-in-progress, and receive/discuss feedback in a group session – for extra value, share your stories with each other beforehand and learn from feedback that each member receives.

4 people (60mins) – £80 total

5 people (75mins) – £100 total

6 people (90mins) – £120 total

Option C: 60 – 90 minutes – Which story/idea to run with? – £80 – £120 (to include reading time and preparation)

Suggested approx. 15 minutes per person. Send up to 8 stories or ideas in advance and receive feedback in a group setting about which would be best to run with, why and how. 

4 people (60 mins) – £80 total

5 people (75 mins) – £100 total

6 people (90 mins) – £120 total