Throughout March*, mix and match different courses and workshops from this intensive programme to help you strengthen your writing this year. Challenge yourself. Step outside your comfort zone and see what you find there. All courses are fun, friendly and take place via Zoom.

*more or less

Week 1
Level UpWeds 1st, 8th, 15th March 1930-2030Eventbrite
Stories are comprised of scenes: find out more about to write brilliant ones. Learn about creating powerful dynamics, emotional moments, memorable and strongly visual scenes, timing and delivery, and identifying and committing to what your scene intends to achieve.
Emotional ConnectionThur 2nd & 9th March 1930-2030Eventbrite
Emotion can make or break a story. Learn how to effectively communicate emotion from your heart to the page, and from the page to your reader’s heart.
I Am In Print Writing SphereFri 3rd March 1100I Am In Print
Big, Bigger, Biggest. The picture book industry is very competitive. Find and develop strong picture book ideas to help stand out on the slushpile with help from author and writing mentor Amy Sparkes.
Fantasy/Magic DaySat 4th March 0930-1530Eventbrite
Rhyming texts need to be absolutely spot on. Learn about mastering scansion, choosing rhythms, writing with your ears, the importance of phrasing, and bringing energy to your rhyming story. Includes feedback on a few verses to check scansion.
Edit Your Opening Chapter WorkshopSun 5th March 0900-1300Eventbrite
Become your own best editor for your chapter books and novels. Spend the morning editing and improving the all-important opening chapter and learning crucial editing skills for going forward.
Week 2
Write What You KnowTues 7th March 1930-2030Eventbrite
Come and explore how to tap into and utilize your personal experiences.
Character DaySat 11th March 0930-1530Eventbrite
Learn how to understand, develop and portray your characters in this fun, detailed and analytic character day.
Villain DaySun 12th March 0930-1530Eventbrite
An antagonist can make or break a story. Spend a day getting inside an antagonist’s head and making your villain the strongest they can be.
Week 3
Survive the SynopsisTues 14th March 1930-2030Eventbrite
Detest writing synopses? Come along and learn some tips and tricks, and maybe even start to enjoy writing them…
Beyond Picture BooksThurs 16th & 23th March 1930-2030Eventbrite
Think you only want to write picture books? Or only CAN write picture books? Come along for these two weeks and see if I can change your mind. Understand more about what older fiction entails, how to make the transition from picture books to longer fiction, identify your picture book texts which can be developed and come up with new ideas. Go on… give it a go!
Week 4
Un-Stick Your StoryTues 21st March 1930-2030Eventbrite
Do you ever get stuck with plot, characters or where to take the story? Learn how to ‘un-stick’ your story, get the creativity flowing again and end up with a stronger story.