The Pass Clinic is for children’s writers who are finding their work repeatedly passed by agents or publishers, but are receiving no feedback and have no idea why their story isn’t progressing. A lack of feedback is incredibly frustrating – how can you fix something if you don’t know what’s broken? On the flip side, if there IS nothing obviously broken, this is a good indicator that it is just about finding the right person to connect with, and this hopefully motivates you to keep sending your work out there!

Who qualifies?

You’re welcome to a slot in the Pass Clinic if:

  • You are an unagented, unpublished author (self-published is fine or any publishing where you have contributed financially)
  • Your story has been passed by TEN publishers or agents (ten passes for that particular text, not over a number of texts)
  • And you haven’t received any feedback on this text

How does it work?

20-minute sessions will be held via Zoom. Alternatively, written material can be sent to you instead, if preferred.

You will be asked to send the synopsis and the opening THREE chapters of your children’s novel (chapter book/middle-grade) or your picture book ahead of your session. You will be encouraged to send a short cover letter explaining the history of the story, such as how long ago you wrote it, how you have been submitting, etc.

During the session we will discuss areas such as characters, plot, concept, voice, or other relevant areas. We can also discuss submission strategy.

How do I apply?

Dates of upcoming Pass Clinics will be announced here and tickets will be available via Eventbrite (with the exception of Winter Writing Cheer). Please only apply if you meet the criteria above and you are available for any time slot within the specified range.

How much does it cost?

The normal cost of the Pass Clinic is £25 for a 20 minute slot/written notes and reading of your material.

The Clinic is FREE for winners of Summer/Winter Writing Cheer.